Saturday, January 30, 2010

:: oh i miss him!! ::

its been a month we're not c ich otha..

sbar2, midterm na dkat da..
pashny ley jumpe puash2..

now its tyme 4 both of us to study hard..

:: the result ::

keputusan undi da kuar..
me menang at kampus kb by 204 undi but kalah at machang campus..
but its soccay..
da name tade rezeki..
lagipown saje2 jea try..
n nmpaknye i got full support from students in city campus..
thanx guys!
kt machang campus lak tak sempat berkempen pown..
tp ttp dpt undi lam 150 gitu..
thanks too 4 vote me up..

i got ranking no 3 over 18..

Monday, January 25, 2010

:: berkempen ::

this week bz berkempen~
walaupown the chances maow menang sgtla tipis coz degree student vs diploma student..

Friday, January 22, 2010

dedicated to yuu.. ;)

''When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are''
- Bruno Mars

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the gojes KK..

oh i just love her style!
she is so gojes and pretty mush!


:: claz cancel again ::

ape nak jadi la..
asek cancel jea claz..
now me at home..
bawu jea blk..
got claz at 8 td then after claz go to medo to amek pasport pic..
n skunk me nak siapkn assignment my fwen coz die mao anta kt lec die besok..
hopefully sempat siap..
kla, tata..

love u!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


y u guys make this to me?
for all this tyme, i love u guys mush n i take care bout u guys..
ta penah terpikir u guys will do this to me..
yes i noe..
who i am..
sy xlayak to be ur fren..


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

-T A G-

It's harder than it looks
Copy to your own notes
Erase my answer
Enter yours and tag twenty (20) people
Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following question..
They have to be real nothing made up
If the person before you have same first initial, you must use different answer..
You cannot use any words twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question..


What is your name: Sasha (Siti Nursyairah bt Azmi)
A four letter word: Song
A boy's name: Syazwan Firdaus (my bro) ;))
A girl's name: Scha Al-yahya (i love her)
An occupation: Stewardess
A colour: Soft Pink
Something u wear: Shawl
A food: Somtum (oh i love it mush!)
Something found in the bathroom: Soap
A place: Sydney, Australia
A reason to be late: Sleep
Something you shout: Shut up!
A movie title: Street Dance
A musical group: SevenCollar T-Shirt (one of indie band in mesia)
An animal: Sugar glider
A street name: Sultanah Zainab Street

fuhhh..agak susah okaiy.. tricky mush but i had some fun.. ;))


:: so sad ::

dunno what to say..
buat macam tue salah..
buat macam nie salah..

Sunday, January 17, 2010

:: 34 months ::

this entry specially dedicated to u my dear darling...

i'm in love with you since our 1st met..
i'm in love with you since our 1st talk..
i'm in love with you since our eyes c each otha..
i'm in love with you since 1st time u grab my hand..
and i'm in love with you for everything u have done to me sayang..

thank you for being my love babe..
n i appreciate u mush for coming into my life...
i will love u always till my last breath..
and i wanna live with u together with our happy famly..

happy 34months nversary darling~

the one n only.....
ur princess...

ciken rice..

hallo guys...

ouh today smpai jugak ajat nkg mkn krabu mango kt ciken rice tuh..
ngidam gile nk mkn oke!
then abah oder rojak buah as side oder..
b4 this ta penah try pown coz baru jea ade rojak buah kt c2..
at 1st me marah abah coz oder that rojak coz da byk sgt oder..
takot mmbazir jea..
then bile da try, ouh its marveless oke!
u shud try it once!!

at kbmoll, me meet marinah maliki coz she wanna buy my shawl..
then terserempak ngan attya..
after mkn, me n abah pusim2 kbmol saje nk turunkn lemak..
maklumla td da mkn byk..

so adela shopping sket2..
maklumlah ade owg tolong bayarkn..

then, after that we're going back..
b4 that we oll sggh dulu kt ssf..
n u noe what, ssf is having their SALE now!!
wow! i loike oke..!!
elergic sket ngan brg2 sale ny..
then smpatla memborong cake holder kt ssf..
rase mcm nkg pulak besowk coz b4 blk td ade berkenan ngan 1 brg..
so kawan2, pergila ssf cecepat b4 brg2 abes oke..

kla guys,
nk kemash almari jap..
sgt bersepah baju2 kt dlm tuh oke..
kalow masuk lam almari pown ley sesat tao..

love u guys..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

snakes on plane..

last nyte me tgk muvee snakes on plane..
wah..mmg scarymuvee jugakla..
coz i'm owiz use flight untuk terbang ke sana ke sini..

attention : im not mean to berlagak okay but the real is me ni mmg spesis yg ta boley naek transportation laen selaen kapalterobang.. kalow degil n naek jugak (bus or train), mmg mabuk tahap dewa la den.. mmg ta tebangun la den.. pengsan twos.. omaigosh..kenapela diriku sgt manja.. huwaaa.. bt tape, i love myself so mush.. ;)) topic lak..
okay smbung..
so bile tgk that muvee last nyte, mmg rase ngeri da nak naek plane..
serious takot..
rase mcm ta selamat da naek plane..
ish..ngeri betol..
hopefully benda mcm tuh ta jadi kat mesia ny..
mintak jauhla semua tuh..

ny ade beberape pic ntoek tontonan kite besame.. ;)

Thursday, January 14, 2010


manusia mudah lupa..
sekian time kaseh..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


How hypocrite can a person be?
despite all the laughter and smiles and gratitudes, deep inside there's always a negative thought.
i've experienced this for oh so long now.
in fact, i am facing hypocrites almost everyday for the moment.
and have been putting up with it for as long as i can remember.
i've played it their ways. now its my turn to play it my way.
what the heck?
do i look like i care what they're gonna say?
i've had enough!
pull a face if u want to but i couldn't care less.
talk behind my back and see if i care.
plan to ignore me? don't waste your time cause i'd be happy to do it first.

from the start i'd never thought bad about any of u.
but being here. seriously opens up my eyes.

Who am i referring to?
Ask yourself.
Once u read this, u'd know who i'm talking about.
Maybe it's u?
I can't wait to get out of here asap!


p/s : i love ur words ain!! couz eva.. mwahxxx! ;))

bob marley.. ;)