Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Iphone 5!!!

Salam guys,

Sure all the iphone's lover and fans are crazying waiting for the new iphones right? Here, by giving the pattern of Apple's iPhone launches, Apple company are expecting the next-gen iPhone 5 release date to be mid to late 2012. It could possibly be shown off at Apple's Worldwide Developer Event (WWDC 2012), which usually takes place in early June even if the focus of the 2011 event was software but for this year event, it will be something new!! They also are expecting iOS 6 and more on OS X Mountain Lion this time around so it could be that hardware is further down the list again..

p/s: cant wait to get it one!


Wednesday, February 02, 2011

off to kb..

holiday in kb with all the people i love most!

Friday, January 28, 2011


im off to Kuantan today~

have a nice weekend u oll!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


ive so many works to do now..
either for the bank or for my research paper..
both are totally important to me..
i cant simply avoid or just say no for the bank's work coz im totally part of them oldo im just doim my intern ere..
in i oso cant simply ddnt do my proposal for my research paper coz in the next 2 weeks, i need to send it to my advisor.. euuwww~
and till now, i ddnt start anything bout it..
just finding n gather the lr before i can start my work..
n fyi, lr is the most critical part to find it!

oh pliz..
im tired of this..
n sometimes i wondering, am i ready enaf to go into the work life?
thats full of stress n work to do..
well...we'll c soon..

lotsa work to do..
but still need to smile..

have a nice day yuoll!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

at last!

jpa da masok!
ta pernah rase eksaited gile dapat jpa..
coz before this duk kt kb n duk umah sdiry..
plus makanminum fully support by abahibu..
mmg low cost la..
kirenye duit jpa tuh just 4 shopping at that tyme..
but its not now..
totally different i think..
becoz life in kl is all about the money..
nak pegy memane semua pakai dwit..
even u wanna go to toilet pown sometimes kena bayar..
but its not in kb..

at 1st, im okay with that..
but at last, hah hamek ko nak independent la sgt..
serius rase terseksa okay!
oh btw, saye dgn ini berjanji akan memanfaatkan duit jpa dgn sebaek2nya..

p/s : nnt ai cont balik entry ni okay.. nak g breakfast jap.. lapo.. ;pp

Saturday, January 22, 2011

weekend with famly n frens at my hommieess! ;)

that was the best time that i love to spend my tyme..
with my famly n frens at my surrounding make me calm n cool~

i have so many story to tell yuuu guys ekceli..
but please forgive me.. i ddnt have mush tyme to tell it..
lotsa work to do now..
coz now I need to finishup my editing before im goim back to kl..
psst:its for baby raisha's event..
later ill update this entry coz i wanna share my lovely weekend with my lovely famly n frens..
sowry loves!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

happy bufday sheila dear!

happy bufday sayang!
ure big gurl now..
da boley kawen da..
smoga pnjg umo n murah rezeki ye dik..
goodluck in everything u do..
believe in ursef n im sure u can do it!
im owez here to support yu..
n remem that i love u soo mush..
nothing can change that..

we both kenal tru friendster je dulu..
agak lama jugak knal shiela tru alamaya..
then we decide to jumpe..
at that tyme me da transfer ke uitm kb n sheila punye college lak blkg uitm je..
so mmg slalu jugak kami bejumpe..
but ta lame slepas tuh, sheila pindah duk tmpat len..
so agak jarang kami bejumpe plus me sgt bz..
tp tu semua ta menghalang our rship..
we're still connecting tru phone coz sheila da deactivated die punye fb..
n bile me da start practical ny, mmg ta tjumpe la kami..
coz me in kl n sheila at kb..

so sorry ta dpt nak celeb with yu dik..
nnt besok kite celeb okay..
ill b there 4 u..

tyme nih kua ngan sheila n bly FT punye cd.. auwww.. ai nih mmg peminat setia FT okayh! cayalah FT!

si chantek manes ini benama zuleeda assila.. but i just call her sheila.. ;)
u guys can visit her blog at buttercupgulz..

p/s : i miss u soo mush dik! da lame ta jumpe.. esok kite jumpe okay.. ;)