Wednesday, January 26, 2011


ive so many works to do now..
either for the bank or for my research paper..
both are totally important to me..
i cant simply avoid or just say no for the bank's work coz im totally part of them oldo im just doim my intern ere..
in i oso cant simply ddnt do my proposal for my research paper coz in the next 2 weeks, i need to send it to my advisor.. euuwww~
and till now, i ddnt start anything bout it..
just finding n gather the lr before i can start my work..
n fyi, lr is the most critical part to find it!

oh pliz..
im tired of this..
n sometimes i wondering, am i ready enaf to go into the work life?
thats full of stress n work to do..
well...we'll c soon..

lotsa work to do..
but still need to smile..

have a nice day yuoll!

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