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I am very sure that many of us are still confused how to get and find the best and suitable antivirus for our own PC. It is actually based on each individual based on their comfortability on how to choose an antivirus. There's some people told that Kaspersky is the best and there are also told that AVG is the best and it is free for all and so on. There is also an opinion told that all the antivirus is just the same but the important is need to be update. But if we look at the benefits of each antivirus, there is a differences between all. And the most important is, we need to choose the latest version of antivirus and keep update with the latest virus in the market. There is some basic question that are always ask by people such as:

I have been update my antivirus but why there is still a virus in my PC that could not be detect by my antivirus?
This is maybe because of the virus in your PC is still new and there is still not in the database of your antivirus that you used. The best solution is to send this virus to the antivirus lab that you used.
Do I need to have each version of antivirus to make sure my PC did not affected by any virus?
 You don't have to have each version of antivirus and you do not have to worry if you are using the old version but the most important is you need to always update your antivirus. If your antivirus cannot be update, you need to upgrade it. And if you have an extra money, it is suggested to use a latest version of antivirus to make sure your PC is protected.

Do I need to update my antivirus everyday? And how to update it if there is no internet connection?
You do not have to everyday update your antivirus and it is suggested to update it once in a week. For those who have an internet connection at home, it will be easy for them since the antivirus will be automatically update. If you do not have an internet connection at home, you can download the latest database file update for your antivirus and put it in your pendrive which could be update in a manual way. Or go to the official website of your antivirus to know the way to update antivirus in a manually term.



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Now is my second entry for my MIS subject.. Im very sure that you guys will ask me why I choose to make this entry.. That is simple! It's because currently I'm using this type of laptop! hihi.. ;)

For all V3000 user, I am very sure that all of you will have a problem when you want to install the sound driver right?  Now let me show you the way how to avoid this problem happen..

First of all, you need to install the MS UAA driver before you install the audio driver for your laptop.. After that, you need to RESTART your laptop..Then, you need to install audio driver and you will get one notice.. That is an error notice actually.. What important is, you need to make sure that the driver that you have install is compatible with your laptop..

Now, at your desktop, you need to right click on the MY COMPUTER.. Then click MANAGE and after that click DEVICE MANAGER and find the yellow question mark at the right side of the audio driver of your laptop.. After that, you need to right click at the yellow question mark and choose UPDATE DRIVER.. Then just click NEXT and after that the last window you need to click YES.. You are done when the window stating 'Completing The Hardware Update Wizard' appear..

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Windows 8 has the flexibility you need - whether you’re on an x86/64 or a WOA PC. You can use a touch screen or a keyboard and mouse – and switch anytime. It’s beautiful, fast, and fluid design is perfect for a wide range of hardware. And you’ll love browsing through the Windows Store and downloading all the apps you want. And those apps can work together too so you can share photos, maps, contacts, links and whatever else you want faster and easier. All editions of Windows 8 offer a no-compromise experience.

For PCs and tablets powered by x86 processors (both 32 and 64 bit), we will have two editions: Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro. For many consumers, Windows 8 will be the right choice. It will include all the features above plus an updated Windows Explorer, Task Manager, better multi-monitor support and the ability to switch languages on the fly, which was previously only available in Enterprise/Ultimate editions of Windows.

Windows 8 Pro is designed to help tech enthusiasts and business/technical professionals obtain a broader set of Windows 8 technologies. It includes all the features in Windows 8 plus features for encryption, virtualization, PC management and domain connectivity. Windows Media Center will be available as an economical “media pack” add-on to Windows 8 Pro. If you are an enthusiast or you want to use your PC in a business environment, you will want Windows 8 Pro.

Windows RT is the newest member of the Windows family – also known as Windows on ARM or WOA. This single edition will only be available pre-installed on PCs and tablets powered by ARM processors and will help enable new thin and lightweight form factors with impressive battery life. Windows RT will include touch-optimized desktop versions of the new Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
For more details and update about Windows 8 editions, click here.


System Center 2012 is no longer a datacenter management solution tool, but it extends it functionalities toward managing the private cloud + public clouds as well. We can deliver IT as a Service for our business now, by enabling productive infrastructure, predictable applications, and cloud on your terms.

We can deliver flexible and cost-effective private-cloud infra to our business units in a self-service model, while carrying forward our existing data center investments. So just by leveraging existing TCO (Total cost of ownership), we can yield much better ROI. System Center 2012 offers deep application insight, which, combined with a “service-centric” approach, helps you deliver predictable application-service levels. Finally, the multi-hypervisors support in System Center 2012 truly makes it amazing in most of the heterogeneous environments in datacenters as well as clouds.

System Center 2012 now comes with the complete suite of datacenter  and cloud management solutions. Below is the product suite:-
  • App Controller
  • Configuration Manager
  • Data Protection Manager
  • Operation Manager
  • Orchestrator
  • Service Manager (based on ITIL/MOF)
  • Virtual Machine Manager (VMM)


Dealing with email attachments is a big contributor to the amount of time spent on email. Here are the tips for you to avoid attachment problems with SkyDrive.

Tip 1: Upload and organize presentations on SkyDrive Upload your presentations (or any other file) to SkyDrive. You may also want to use folders or subfolders to keep all of your presentations related to a particular topic or customer in one place. That way, it’s easy for you to reference and easy for recipients to find content—with a single a link to your folder.

Tip 2: Share frequently used presentations right from Outlook If you install the SkyDrive Gadget for Xobni, you can send a link to SkyDrive files right from Outlook. Just click the SkyDrive gadget tab in the Xobni app, find the file you want to share, and click “Email a Link” to pop up an email window with the link.
Unlike other cloud services, SkyDrive integrates with Office Web Apps so your recipients don’t need to have the same version of Office that you do (or any Office software) to be able to view what you send them. Also, you can easily share files in any of your SkyDrive folders without having to copy or move them to a special folder.
Note: The Xobni gadget gives your recipients access to view files only. If you want to let them edit your doc or add files to a folder, visit to get a link to view and edit.

Tip 3: Send once, update often If you’ll need to make edits to the presentation later, open it from SkyDrive in PowerPoint 2010 and pin the presentation to your Windows 7 taskbar for easy access. Then you can easily update it In your PC and anyone with your link will automatically have access to the updated version.

Tip 4: Share your presentation like an expert If you’re giving your presentation remotely or on a screen, you can include a unique link on the last slide that directs viewers to your presentation on your SkyDrive. Just go to, enter the SkyDrive address of your presentation, hit “customize” and enter a unique and descriptive title after the forward slash. Like:
If you’re giving handouts of your presentation, you can create a QR code to include on the printed version, linking to your presentation on SkyDrive, so meeting attendees can scan the tag/code and access the presentation. To add a QR code to your link, just append .qr to the end of the URL like so: Click the link, and you’ve got your QR code. To make it more advances, you can use Microsoft Tag instead. The difference between QR code and Microsoft Tag is you don't have to keep changing the Tag each time when you change the URL. This mean you just need to print one Tag and reuse it for each event with different URL.

Tip 5: Present from anywhere When you’re on the road, you can view and edit the presentation from anywhere—even if you’re on a device without Office, using the Office Web Apps on SkyDrive.

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